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Letterpress Workshops

Come and have a go! 

Letterpress printing is fun and there is magic in the joy of getting ink on paper whatever your age and ability. I believe that the freedom of the press belongs to anyone who has access to one so am happy to share mine!  

Letterpress works as a process in its own right or as a starting point, finishing flourish or integral part of another. For over 500 years it was the way to communicate the printed word in the form of books, newspapers and ephemera but now it flourishes as a creative printmaking process in its own right. 

Spread Some Inky Joy! 

This one-day workshop will take participants through setting, imposing, registration, proofing and printing. You will print an edition of A6 postcards of words of your choosing and design from the artists' collection of type, ornament and printing blocks. 

The session will start by quickly setting and printing something to get a feel for the process. You will then have time to peruse the collection and plan out your design. The next stages are setting and imposing the design ready for the press. Printing will be completed either on an Adana 8 x 5 Press or the Farley Proofing Press. Each participant will go home with an edition of their postcards and a copy of each other’s.  

  • Tools, equipment and a range of Materials will be provided. 

  • Tea, coffee, and light snacks will be provided but do bring your lunch with you.  

  • Wear old, warm clothes and tie back long hair (if applicable). 

Studio Access

Do you have an idea for a more specific one-off print, edition, set of cards, or an artists’ book?  

If so, get in touch to discuss and arrange studio access day(s) where I can support you to make your inky ideas a reality. Come on your own or work with a collaborator, friend or family member to produce something bespoke and beautiful.  

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