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Workshops are held in my studio. Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to meet fellow print enthusiasts and share ideas while enjoying a creative and relaxed atmosphere. 


Have c{art}, will travel...

I offer letterpress, papermaking or bookbinding workshops that can suit all ages and abilities. I have a passion to spread the (printed) word. Workshops or drop-ins can tie in to a community or creative event and are a good way to offer a participatory public experience and provide a bespoke keepsake of the day. These are tailored to suit a specific themed event, school project, group activity, celebration or used as a team building exercise.

I use accessible approaches to workshops and bring materials to deliver a letterpress or wider print experience to any pop up location. I have a mobile c{art} which can be set up in most locations and a range of other tools and equipment that can be set up inside for a more formal, involved workshop experience.

Print is fun and there is magic in the joy of getting ink on paper whatever your age and ability. I believe that the freedom of the press belongs to anyone who has access to one so am happy to bring one to you! Get in touch to discuss the possibilities…

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