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Fold | tiksel talk

tiksel talk, 2022-2024

Typewriter, Risograph, Letterpress, Cupcycled card and Newsprint,  97mm x 100mm

These books form an ongoing series of typewritten and risograph works inspired, in part, by H N Werkman. The starting point is risograph printed basic shapes that makeup letter forms (line and circle). These larger prints are cut to smaller pages to give a range of variable compositions. With the help of Monica De Luxe, my pond-rescued typewriter, the pages are completed, with the repeat of mechanically produced characters as a pattern. The pages are worked on for one hour each day and have become a diary of mood written meaning. These pages are collated and sewn in a six-section exposed spine chain stitched binding.

These books were exhibited as part of Pattern Books at the Upright Gallery in December 2022. A copy is now in the special collections of the National Galleries of Scotland.

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